MBLEx Prep Class & Continuing Education for LMTs

Become An Instructor

If you have a passion for Massage Therapy and a passion for teaching, this is a great opportunity.   Lots of people would like to take a CE class or an MBLEx Prep Class, but don't have any classes near them, especially in locations away from a bigger city.  We travel all over the US and we just can't get everywhere we would like to be as often as we would like. We are now looking for LMTs that would love some extra income and love to teach, to hold our classes in their area.  

We work with LMTs and schools!!

We have 3 classes. Our MBLEx Prep Class is held over 2 days and is 17 hours, our Keeping Clients Safe - Navigating Through Drugs & Diseases 9 CE course and a new hands-on course Advanced Clinical Techniques for Pelvis, Hip, Neck, and Shoulder Dysfunction 16 CE course, awaiting approval from NCBTBM and hopefully will be approved by mid Jan or sooner. Over time we will be adding more classes as we get them put together and approved by the national board. 

What does it take to become an instructor for National MBLEx Study Group?

Step 1: Apply for a teaching position. Email us your name, phone number, resume, and location you would be teaching in. Check to see if you meet the requirements by the NCBTMB to teach the CE class (listed below)

Step 2: Attend the classes. MBLEx Prep and Keeping Clients Safe courses are available in person or zoom, the Adv Clinical Techniques course is only available live. You will need to pay for your classes as a student would as you will also be receiving the CEs for the classes as well.

Step 3: Once approved, and you are comfortable with teaching, start teaching classes!

You will be an independent contractor so you will be sent a 1099 at the end of the year as you are responsible for paying your own taxes. 

The more people we get in a class the more you make.  

The instructor's pay will be 50% of the total amount of classes held. 

*The percentage paid out will be calculated AFTER Taxes, Materials, and Shipping are taken out.


*Holds a minimum of a bachelor's degree from a college or university accredited by a regional accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, or a substantially equivalent accrediting body of a foreign sovereign state, with a major in a subject directly related to content of the program to be offered; OR

*Has completed at least five years of professional experience in the practice of massage therapy; OR

*Has a minimum of two years of teaching experience; OR

*Has completed at least 100 hours of non-entry level education in the subject matter to be offered and has a minimum of two years of professional experience in practice related to the subject.

Other Requirements: 

A license or certification in massage therapy, massage therapy instruction or other related profession is required for those teaching massage technique if it is required by the state of residence.  

All instructors teaching for approved provider organizations must meet the instructor qualifications and must be approved separately.