MBLEx Prep Class & Continuing Education for LMTs

Become An Instructor

If you have a passion for Massage Therapy and a passion for teaching, this is a great opportunity.   Lots of people would like to take a CE class or an MBLEx Prep Class, but don't have any classes near them, especially in locations away from a bigger city.  We travel all over the US and we just can't get everywhere we would like to be as often as we would like. We are now looking for LMTs that would love some extra income and love to teach, to hold our classes in their area.  

We work with LMTs and schools!!

We have our NCBTMB approved 9 CE course, Keeping Clients Safe - Navigating Through Drugs & Diseases as well as our MBLEx Prep Class, and need to find instructors to teach these two classes. Over time we will be adding more classes as we get them put together and approved by the national board. 

What does it take to become an instructor for National MBLEx Study Group?

Step 1: Apply for a teaching position. Email us your name, phone number, email and location you would teach in. If you meet the requirements by the NCBTMB to teach the CE class (listed below), you can send in your resume with your information so I can get it going. 

Step 2: Attend a training class. You may need to travel to the one nearest to you.

Saturday 8am - 8:30 am : Policies, procedures, class information, advertising, where to hold classes & etiquette.

Saturday Class 8:30am - 5pm: How to teach our MBLEx Prep Class 

Sunday Class 8am - 6pm: How to teach our CE class Keeping Clients Safe - Navigating Through Drugs & Diseases

Step 3: Once approved, start teaching classes!

NOTE: You are welcome to take these classes if you would like to learn how to teach a class as well, even if you do not want to teach our classes after completing the training.  We teach the science side of massage therapy; these classes are not teaching hands on massage therapy techniques. These classes are not available for you to teach on zoom just yet, but we will be adding MBLEx Prep Classes over zoom to your options as soon as we get that set up.

Training Class Fees: If you are already a CE approved provider and would like to teach our classes for us, please reach out to us as you will have modifications to training class prices.

Saturday Class - Information + Keeping Clients Safe 9 CE Class $395

Sunday Class - Information + MBLEx Prep Class $395

 Both Keeping Clients Safe and MBLEx Prep Classes  $700 ($90 Savings) (The CE class is worth 9 CEs)

You will be an independent contractor so you will be sent a 1099 at the end of the year as you are responsible for paying your own taxes. 

The more people we get in a class the more you make.  The minimum to hold a class is 5 people.

Class of 5 - 9 people: you make 30%

Class of 10 - 19 people: you make 40%

Class of 20+ people: you make 50%

Payout Example: With a class of 20 people in the CE class and 5 people in the MBLEx class, you would make about $1663.75 per weekend if you held the CE class on Saturday and the MBLEx class on Sunday.

*The percentage paid out will be calculated AFTER Taxes, Materials, and Shipping are taken out.

If you want to teach the CE class, you will have to turn in a resume for us to submit to the NCBTMB for approval to teach our classes. You will need to meet the following NCBTMB requirements to teach our CE class.

*Holds a minimum of a bachelor's degree from a college or university accredited by a regional accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, or a substantially equivalent accrediting body of a foreign sovereign state, with a major in a subject directly related to content of the program to be offered; OR

*Has completed at least five years of professional experience in the practice of massage therapy; OR

*Has a minimum of two years of teaching experience; OR

*Has completed at least 100 hours of non-entry level education in the subject matter to be offered and has a minimum of two years of professional experience in practice related to the subject.

Other Requirements: 

A license or certification in massage therapy, massage therapy instruction or other related profession is required for those teaching massage technique if it is required by the state of residence.  

All instructors teaching for approved provider organizations must meet the instructor qualifications and must be approved separately.

To attend a class, check out the class locations and dates tab, and to pay for attending an instructor training class, go to the pay for classes tab. If you would like to attend class in an area we are teaching the MBLEx Prep and Keeping Clients Safe Class, we can come in early and do the Friday Instructor Training class with you and then you can come to the 2 regular classes for your training.  You will still get the 9 CEs for the Keeping Clients Safe course even if you choose not to teach that class for us along with the MBLEx. IF YOU HAVE A LOCATION YOU WOULD LIKE US TO COME TO, PLEASE REACH OUT TO US.  CHECK OUT OUR LOCATIONS AND DATES PAGE AND SEE WHERE WE HAVE UPCOMING CLASSES!!