In person MBLEx Prep and LMT Refresher Class

About Us


     My name is Diana Mohr.  I am a Licensed Massage Therapist as well as a Certified Medical Massage Practitioner in Rapid City, South Dakota.  I own Black Hills Medical Massage & Bodywork and I am a Learning Leader and teach bodywork and run clinic at Paul Mitchell The School, Rapid City.  

     I grew up in Rapid City and graduated high school in 1990.  I got married in 1991 and started a family in 1995.  I enjoy spending time with my kids and grandkids!  I was a driver for years and ended up with major back surgery in 2005.  That is how I got introduced to massage therapy.  

     I attended Headlines Academy (Now Paul Mitchell The School, Rapid City) for Massage Therapy and graduated in September 2018.  From there I worked at a high end spa, Akela Spa of Deadwood and continued to drive part time.  I decided to further my skills, and obtained certification as a Medical Massage Practitioner through LMT Success Group in March of 2020.  I continued to drive during Covid19 and started my current business, Black Hills Medical Massage and Bodywork in January 2021.  I was able to quit driving and run my business full time in August 2021.  I subbed at the school when needed and in December 2021 I was asked to work part time teaching bodywork and run clinic sessions. 

     I started to run an MBLEx class for those needing extra help, and have now implemented that same class into our classes at the school.  I have had wonderful success in helping students pass the MBLEx, and was also asked to teach study groups in other locations in South Dakota as well.  I love to help people prepare for the MBLEx and have now taken my study groups nationwide!  I'm looking forward to helping students, graduates and anyone needing to take the exam feel more confident and prepared to pass their MBLEx.

Diana Mohr, LMT MMP