MBLEx Prep Class & Continuing Education for LMTs

About Us


     My name is Diana Mohr.  I am a Licensed Massage Therapist as well as a Certified Medical Massage Practitioner in Rapid City, South Dakota.  I own Black Hills Medical Massage & Bodywork and I am a Learning Leader and teach bodywork and run clinic at Paul Mitchell The School, Rapid City.  

     I grew up in Rapid City and graduated high school in 1990.  I got married in 1991 and started a family in 1995.  I enjoy spending time with my kids and grandkids!  I was a driver for years and ended up with major back surgery in 2005.  That is how I got introduced to massage therapy.  

     I attended Headlines Academy (Now Paul Mitchell The School, Rapid City) for Massage Therapy and graduated in September 2018.  From there I worked at a high-end spa, Akela Spa of Deadwood and continued to drive part time.  I decided to further my skills and obtained certification as a Medical Massage Practitioner through LMT Success Group in March of 2020.  I continued to drive during Covid19 and started my current business, Black Hills Medical Massage and Bodywork in January 2021.  I was able to quit driving and run my business full time in August 2021.  I subbed at the school when needed and in December 2021 I was asked to work part time teaching bodywork and run clinic sessions. 

     I started to run an MBLEx class for those needing extra help and have now implemented that same class into our classes at the school.  As I've been teaching, I have realized that this class is above and beyond the core level as LMTs of 20 + years have gained more advanced knowledge than they learned in school. I have had wonderful success in helping students pass the MBLEx as we average about a 90% pass rate for those that have taken our class. I have since added a NCBTMB approved course Keeping Clients Safe - Navigating Through Drugs and Diseases as it is so important to keep not only our clients safe but ourselves as well. I have now taken my study groups nationwide and look forward to meeting everyone as I travel thought the US and helping them wherever they are on their massage journey.

Diana Mohr, LMT MMP