MBLEx Prep Class & Continuing Education for LMTs

MBLEx Prep Class

MBLEx Prep Class

8 hours: $165.00

*This class is not a CE class*


*MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY - 8AM - 10AM - Dive into Medical Terminology and learn how to apply prefixes, root words, and suffixes to break down Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology and Pathology to a more in depth understanding.

*ANATOMY + PHYSIOLOGY - 10AM - 11AM After the dive into Medical Terminology, explore in depth A + P as you apply the gained knowledge of Medical Terminology in this broadened A + P course.

*KINESIOLOGY - 11AM - 12PM - Moving into Kinesiology, we discover ways that the body moves.  How muscle groups work with or against each other, as well as how they work individually, understanding better the origins and insertions, digging deeper into Anatomical Kinesiology and how it applies to everyday human movement, so we have the knowledge to better assist our clients and their health and wellness goals.

**LUNCH** - 12PM - 1PM

*PATHOLOGY - 1PM - 3PM - Taking what we have learned in Medical Terminology, Anatomy + Physiology, Kinesiology and going deeper into understanding the two aspects of Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Pathology and how we apply it to every client that comes to us for massage.  It also helps massage therapists know where or who to refer clients to if the need arises that we find something outside of our scope of practice. 

*MASSAGE THERAPY PLUS - 3PM - 5PM - An intensive look into Massage Therapy, Assessment, Ethics and Business is a great way to finish out this all-in-one in depth Advanced LMT course.

Be more prepared and confident to take the MBLEx in this advanced class to help deepen your understanding of the 5 main subjects of Massage Therapy.  We use David Merlino's materials to teach our class as he is amazing at helping those prepare to take the MBLEx as well as a good guide to keep in your practice for reference.  We highly suggest you purchase his books.  They can be found on Amazon.  If you sign up for a zoom class, please make sure you are able to be on zoom for the whole class that day.