In-person study group for preparing to take the MBLEx Exam


Overwhelmed by MBLEx exam prep?


I remember those days and I was constantly on a study app, reading and rereading my school books and workbooks, using flash cards and of course panicking about how in the world I was going to pass this thing. 

I had the most incredible instructors and between them and the grace of God I passed!  I was still trying to figure out HOW I passed, it took a long time for me to actually feel like I did.  I did feel like there was so much more than what I was taught in school and I feel like it would have been nice to be a little more (a lot more) prepared than I was to take the exam.  

I was helping a friend study for her MBLEx and went with her as moral support.  She did not pass.  It was then that I decided to figure out a way to study for the exam that would offer more information through a different learning style.  There are a lot of great apps, books, study guides and help out there to study from.  My problem was I can't remember what I read very well.  I am more of an in person, hands on and visual learner than just reading material and remembering it.  With my in-person study group we will cover more material than you may have learned in class.  I can't guarantee that you will pass, but I can help you feel more confident as I have had great success with helping future professionals pass their MBLEx exam.

I will be in various locations throughout the US, look under locations and dates to find a study group near youI

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